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“My daughters joined BISME when they were both toddlers, and they’re now 13 and 14 and have never attended any other school. This alone is a testament to the belief and trust that I have as a parent in the support, care, attention, and dedication they’ve received at BISME, both academically and out of the classroom. As a result of this, they’re developing into happy, confident and respectful young ladies.
I admire the inspirational leadership of the principal and the level of commitment of her entire team, which makes BISME such an outstanding school that is held in very high regard in Sierra Leone and internationally".

- Hussine Yilla (Parent).

“Our two boys have been at BIS since 2021 when we came to Sierra Leone. BIS is a small community connected by rich values for pupils and parents. Given the country profile in Education, BIS offers a conducive learning environment with responsive teachers ready to give feedback on a child's development.
We look forward to the next months or years and how we grow with the children and the school...Big up BIS fraternity!".

- Kevin and Edna Opondo (Parents).

“This school is truly wonderful. The principal is a warm, caring, dedicated, gifted and highly professional educator. My daughter aged 10 arrived at the school at the beginning of February 2024 and all the staff and children welcomed her with kindness and generosity. One pupil even made a present when she discovered that a new pupil would be attending. Within two days my daughter had settled into her class and was making new friends even outside her year group. It was remarked that it seemed as if she had been there forever. Invitations to play dates and birthday parties soon followed.

As the name suggests the school has an international community with parents from all walks of life hailing from all corners of the globe. The school’s communication with and between parents is very good with a Whatsapp group, Class Dojo and Learning Ladders being the main tech tools.
My daughter found a smaller class to be much more to her liking. The diverse teaching team are simply inspirational encouraging each pupil to reach their potential by having regular subject focus weeks. In the 8 weeks that my daughter was at the school, there was a Science Week, a Maths Week and an English Literacy Week. My daughter especially enjoyed learning new subjects such as Global perspectives and Chinese. The standard of learning is pitched at the level one would expect of any fee-paying school in the UK. My daughter found the work challenging in comparison to her previous UK school. That motivated her and her benchmarks improved dramatically. This has given my daughter a tremendous boost of confidence which she will now carry forward to the UK.  
I could not have found a better school for my daughter. 
Thank you, Ms Jenny and all the staff".

- Sam Warritay (Parent).

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