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In keeping with our philosophy that education should extend well beyond the four walls of the classroom, BIS Outdoors is an ambitious school-wide programme offering opportunities for students to develop some of the important skills and attributes that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives. It includes participation in a broad range of adventurous expeditions and challenges, and regular service-orientated activities.

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A regular for the school are excursions to the Tacugama Chimpanzee Reserve. Here our students learn about the rich bio-diversity of Sierra Leone and its flora and Fauna.

We believe in giving all students a wide variety of experiences and challenges as they progress through the school.



Through both the curriculum and the adventurous or service-based activities on offer, our students are encouraged to care about the environment in which they live as well as to develop a curiosity for the world around them.


New this year will be the opportunity to Camp on Banana Island. For some students these trips provide a first taste of life away from home and will certainly encourage the development of independence and resilience in a safe environment. We have found that such shared experiences are often the starting point for lasting friendships.

BIS Outdoors is an integral part of the holistic education we deliver and, as such, the basic cost of the expeditions and activities mentioned here are kept to the minimum.

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