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At the British International School and Montessori Education, we are committed to ensuring

the safety of children in our care. We recognise that mobile phones in the school have a role

to play for the purpose of communication, but we are aware that casual or inappropriate use

of mobile phones could pose a risk to children and adults.

The enhanced functions of many mobile phones are of most concern and are most

susceptible to misuse. Misuse includes the taking and distribution of indecent images,

exploitation and bullying. Mobile phones can cause an unnecessary distraction during the

working day and can be intrusive when used in the company of others.

When mobile phones are misused, it can impact on an individual’s dignity, privacy and right

to confidentiality. Such concerns are not just exclusive to children and young people; hence

there is a duty to protect the needs and vulnerabilities of everyone.

It can be difficult to detect when such devices are present or being used, particularly in

relation to enhanced functions, such as cameras. The use of all mobile phones is, therefore,

limited, regardless of their capabilities.

The aim is to avoid distraction and disruption of the working day, and to minimise the

opportunities for any individual to make any covert images or misuse functions in any other


This policy applies to all staff, volunteers, parents and visitors.

Please note that for the purposes of this policy, the term ‘mobile phone’ also covers

any electronic device with the capacity to be used as a form of communication, either

through the device itself or any applications stored on the device.

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