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At British International School and Montessori Education, we believe that learning is the process by

which learners gradually acquire and assimilate knowledge, concepts, skills, and attitudes to enable

them to make greater sense of the world. Teaching and learning are central to our work as

educators, and it stems from the school’s aims, ethos and vision. We expect all our staff to deliver

high-quality, stimulating and dynamic lessons, where every teacher is a good teacher. We expect all

learners to be supported and challenged to make good progress in their learning.

Our purpose is to create a learning environment that fosters motivation and allows all students to

flourish. Learners of all ability levels will be given equal opportunities to learn to achieve their full


We aim to empower our learners to understand how to learn as well as strivingstrive to teach

them what to learn. This policy sets out its aims, objectives and how we will monitor implementation.

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