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The educational objective of the British International School and Montessori is to provide a quality education for all children aged 16 months to 18 years using the Montessori approach as the primary medium and the Cambridge Assessment and International Education curriculum as the secondary medium. Our goals are subdivided into three conceptual categories; Spiritual, Intellectual and Social.


The Spiritual Objective of the School is to encourage children to strive towards a high moral standard of good behaviour, to show love and concern for everyone that they meet in their daily life. Our goal is to encourage each child to understand the meaning of responsibilities and respect towards each other, parents, teachers, others around them and the environment.


The Intellectual Objective is to develop each child's intellectual and creative potential to the fullest. Our goal is to guide the children through an academic curriculum and programme that will provide them the necessary skills to function as global citizens. The learning structure will balance work and play, thereby encouraging the children to love what they are learning and create a hunger for more learning. This will also give them self esteem as they realise their abilities and potentials.


The Social Objective is to guide the children's interaction between one another through courtesy, graciousness and gratitude. We will create co-operation rather than competition. Our goal is to foster unity among staff, pupils, parents, friends and other family members.

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