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Welcome to the British International School and Montessori Education, Freetown (BIS), where our mission is to bring out the best in every student; and help them approach life with confidence, curiosity and consideration for others.


BIS has a long-established reputation for success that is based on collaboration and high standards of learning.  Our aim as a school is to develop confident young leaders to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.


The school has developed an outstanding reputation for high-quality holistic education over the years. The key to the BIS approach is establishing and maintaining healthy, caring and mutually respectful relationships.

From our Early Years, Primary on to Secondary, we are focused on developing students who exhibit the characteristics of a lifelong learner.  We seek to develop independent learners who are curious about the world around them and who have the desire to explore and ask questions — learners who think critically and thrive when faced with a challenge.

Our ethos allows the school’s staff to work in unison with supportive and aspirational parents in focusing upon the needs of all students. We value the wellbeing of every member of the school community and look to ensure that all students develop self-confidence, self-respect and resilience. Students at our school are encouraged to understand that they are all individuals with unique talents and potential.


We hope that this website gives you a genuine flavour of what we do, and how we do it. If you also choose to join our community, you will quickly realise that BIS is a unique school and that you are part of something exceptional. There isn’t another international school like it in Sierra Leone and we do encourage you to visit us so that you can experience the school for yourselves.

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